Why business box:

  • Full control over interim and client accounts
  • Tablet or mobile app with Android operating system
  • Tracking inventory
  • New real-time sales management platform using portable PAD markers.
  • Possibility to conduct a client policy by using discount cards and mixed payments
  • Web based interface for defining and generating different reports
  • Remote access control over the internet or mobile phone
  • Automatic database archive on a remote Internet server

Client feedback

"Business box for Restaurants and pubs"

The products you receive for this package are:
  • Software
  • Card reader
  • Card
  • Technical equipment


BUSINESS BOX Restaurant is a flexible and versatile system designed to meet the needs of all types of restaurants: restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, fast food restaurants, nightclubs, catering companies and more. The modular POS system can easily be expanded according to the customer's requirements so as to fully cover the activity. The software program allows managing and tracking orders, generating accurate reports, and controlling costs to increase efficiency and speed.

Card reader

Allows you to accept payments from all types of cards without investing additional amounts for it. Fully integrated with Business BOX, which provides you with features such as - Purchase, Referral Purchase, Purchase with Service, Pre-Cash, Authorization.


A debit card with which you have quick access to finance received through the card reader. You can take advantage of the opportunity to make money transfers, service or community payments through the mobile banking of Unicredit Bulbank.

ZERO Tax from any Unicredit Bulbank ATM.

ZERO monthly fees.

Technical equipment

The cash register complies with the latest H-18 requirements. The subsidy covers not only the cash terminal, but also its maintenance within 3 years as well as the fee for the SIM card through which it makes direct contact with the NRA..



Profesional service support
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00h
/Contract 36 months/
  • Cash register for 115lv
  • Card reader
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Profesional service support
Monday - Friday
08:00 - 20:00h
/Contract 36 months/
  • Cash register for 57.50lv
  • Card reader
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Profesional service support
Monday - Sunday
00:00 - 24:00h
/Contract 36 months/
  • Cash register for 0lv
  • Card reader
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